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Welcome here!  

I'm  a songwriter & writer,  &a furious note taker, who will
scribble her thoughts on anything she can find within reach when an idea strikes.

This is the place where I write
about our hungering souls that long for  good things that will truly satisfy
our weary hearts & eyes & bodies in this life.  

My beautiful, bearded husband  Christopher & I make photographs for a living.  We're also road-trippers and explorers,  purveyors of the awesomeness of National Parks,  growers of food,  makers of tacos and fine whiskey cocktails.    

We love where we live in the northwest corner of Montana, in the town of Kalispell - or some call it a city, depending on where you're from.   I was born here in Montana which means I grew up chopping firewood, eating elk at the dinner table and talking on a rotary, curly-corded telephone.  

 I'm very fond of things well made & most often that means they're old and don't have a screen.

You won't find any posts here about the hottest new ____________ .   I'm not even sure what the hottest new __________ is these days. 
But you will find honest writings
about walking through depression,
learning more deeply about God's love for us,
words about good food ( & a few recipes ),
and stories of redemption in the places given to us -  our bodies,  our marriages, families,  homes & little or large plots of land.


For He satisfies the longing soul & the hungry soul He fills with good things,  
says Psalm 107:9.