as chris & i have been making our way around the state of montana we hunt for things like diners & bookstores where we can find good biscuits and literature .  the highest of priorities, naturally .

at one of our bookstore stops i picked up this little book,  Barnheart by Jenna Woginrich, who also wrote Made from Scratch . 


it's the story of Jenna moving across the country to Vermont, her creative determination to make a homestead and all the happenings along the way .  she describes this deep-rooted desire to grow & harvest your own food as a condition she calls Barnheart,  and you know when you have it because it starts like this :  

the symptoms are mild at first. you start reading online homesteading forums and shopping at cheese-making supply sites on your lunch break.  you go home after work and instead of turning on the television, you bake a pie and study chicken-coop building plans.  then, somehow, somewhere along the way you realize that you're happiest when you're weeding the garden or collecting eggs from the henhouse.  it's all downhill from there.  when you accept that a fulfilling life requires tractor attachments and a septic system, it's too late. you've been infected with the disease.

now, i have not purchased any tractor equipment yet, but i do have a hankering for baking homemade pie and someday having chickens and a garden to weed . so in the vein of dreaming and longing to dig in the dirt, i read this sweet story in a few days and loved it .  

so i've decided to give my copy away,  to you, if you'd like to have it .  if you think you'd enjoy reading it, just leave a comment on this post & tell me a little about your barn heart .   next Monday, January 28th, i will put all your names in a giant bowl & choose one person to mail my book to .   and if there's only one of you who leaves a comment, then congratulations, you have a new-used-book to add to your library .   :)