coming to portland

multnomahfalls OR.jpg

o the land of waterfalls,  rain forest and vineyards .  where the rivers converge and beer abounds,  it's portland .  one of my most favorite places of all the places i've been . and i'm returning to this great city for the next week (okay, i'm actually already here sitting in a café as i write this) working on recording a few songs ---  more on that news to come .  
but on a more personal note to you:     during my stay in portland i would love to meet you and photograph you eating waffles in bed .  
ok maybe not quite,  but something like that .   you & your lover,  your family,  maybe a morning captured in your home,  or you eating at/playing at/sipping at a favorite spot in the city . whatever it is,  i want to photograph it .  an hour in the life of you,  for $200 .  i have the days of august 27, 28 and 29 available to get together .  
if you love waffles (and even if you don't,  i suppose)  and are interesting in connecting while i'm in oregon,  you can reach me at : .    << ---- .   i'm excited to be back in this place,   to be making music again and hoping too to meet some new folks,  and - of course,  discover a new food cart or two .