--- to M O N T A N A

she's a place of grandeur,  boasting untamed,  open spaces,  towering mountain peaks and almost as many trees as alaska (which i can't verify but it seems about right) .  

i love montana .

i hail from the big sky state, grew up hiking and snowmobiling, chopping wood, keeping warm by open flame and eating meat my family hunted for in the woods . it has been my dream these last few years to be back there, to make a home there . and before i came to kansas city i tried desperately to find a job there on a ranch but kept getting turned down,  (which i see now as God's Providence,  bringing me to kansas city where i met christopher only weeks later) ....

so now, in this present november,  we are looking at montana from a geographical distance but also feeling the pull to be closer and to move & make our home there . there are a lot of details to sort, including selling our house in kansas (which is now in motion, as of last week),  selling some of our things (how many time have i done that?! i'm so good at packing, you guys),  and of course among all the other smaller details, finding a place to live .   

we are stepping out and trusting God will bring everything together that needs to happen in the coming weeks .

big sky adventures await!


--=--  here are a some recent snapshots from our montana visits ----->>