yesterday was a regular monday .   we ran out of coffee .  stocked up with groceries for the week . bought coffee .  i worked on songs, paid some bills, made sauerkraut, mowed the -   wait, what? i made sauerkraut yesterday, friends .  and i took photos of it to show you how easy it is, and how you can make it too .  

if you don't like sauerkraut i suppose this particular post isn't for you . but maybe you're just a teensy bit curious .  and if you're already a fan of sauerkraut - or just aren't sure but your curiosity is taking hold - i'm about to share something exciting AND important -        

sauerkraut is amazingly good for you . 

now . i am not a scientist .  thank goodness, because i'm terrible at science and opted out of the fancier sciences in high school to take creative writing and interpretive movement . but i do know from my own personal experience that sauerkraut does wonders for your digestive system,  easing an upset stomach and tackling all the bad bacteria inside that need to be cleansed out .   it's also delicious .   

instead of  buying a jar of this fermented wonder food, i decided to make my own .  and i was shocked to discover how simple it is, and how many ingredients it requires .  two .  are you convinced?   i hope so . 

you will need: 
1 medium size head of cabbage
2 TBSP of sea salt
a large ceramic bowl
one quart size mason jar




step 1:   roughly chop/ shred your head of cabbage and toss into a large bowl . look how pretty it is! 




step 2:  add your sea salt .



step 3:  friends, you're about to get up close & intimate with this cabbage . you're going to massage and squeeze the living daylights out of it for about 15 minutes . miraculously, beautifully, the cabbage will start to soften and create a cabbagey liquid in the bowl .



this is messy . 
it's worth it, i promise .
embrace the cabbage, literally .




step 4:   grab handfuls of your cabbage mixture and stuff it into your mason jar .  carefully pour the liquid into the jar too .  use a spoon to get it all tucked in nicely .


untitled (10 of 13).jpg


step 5:   photograph your jar in afternoon light .      just kidding! who would ever do such a thing?   




last step :   this last step is an important one . after packing all your cabbage & liquid into the mason jar make sure the liquid covers all the cabbage . then seal your jar and walk away . or take more photographs of your little kraut all over the house like i did .

also important   you want to keep your jar in a place that's room temperature for at least 3 days before eating . during those 3 days if the cabbage rises above the liquid push it back down below the liquid line .    

the general rule is the longer it sits in its salt concoction the better, but after 3 days refrigerate .   or eat some, if you're excited to give your digestive system a treat .   


untitled (13 of 13).jpg

for my first go at making sauerkraut i referred to the book Nutritional Traditions by Sally Fallon . her recipe is very simple, which i love .  but there are a zillion variations on what to add to your kraut and ways to go about fermenting .  if you'd like to read a more detailed, wonderful post about making sauerkraut, here's a great one by emma christensen of one of my favorite blogs the kitchn . i hope you enjoy!